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Three Supreme Brochettes

3 delicious Supreme Brochettes to savour

Our tender and juicy brochettes are back this winter. This year, on top of our famous General Tao brochette, we’ve created  two new exclusive recipes for you to savour!

The soup and salad Bar is FREE when ordering one of these Supreme Brochettes.

Come discover our 3 exclusive recipes.

Delivery and Take-Out Promotions

Three Supreme Brochettes to order now!

Order one of our 3 delicious Supreme Brochettes.

Taste two of our new delicious Brochettes and enjoy our famous General Tao Brochette.

Order a Brochette and get one FREE salad.

Order NOW!

Highly recommended

During the cold season, what’s more comforting than ordering our delicious and tender back ribs?

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Supreme Combo

The perfect combo for game nights, this generous combo will please any crowd.

Order NOW!