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Three Supreme Brochettes

Three Supreme Brochettes

This winter, keep warm and your tummy full with our 3 tasty and flavourful Supreme Brochettes!

Taste our NEW Shish Taouk Brochette $14.95

Delicious marinated and grilled chicken breast pieces served with Lebanese garlic sauce, sumac onions, and marinated turnips. Perfect for oriental flavours’ lovers.

Our FAMOUS General Tao Brochette is back! $15.25

This savoury chicken brochette is back and even tastier with its General Tao sauce and dumplings filled with meat and vegetables. What a pleasure to enjoy them again this year.

Discover our NEW Montreal Smoked Meat Brochette $15.75

Our newest creation consists of a chicken brochette garnished with shredded smoked meat, our honey mustard sauce and dill pickles. It’s a real tribute to the famous Montreal Smoked Meat.

Combine those delicious brochettes with rice and choose another side dish: roasted vegetables, fries, mashed potatoes or baked potato.

Don’t forget that when ordering one of our Supreme Brochettes, the soup and salad bar is FREE!

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