Nature of the work

The cook prepares and cooks the food. He or she perform the same functions as the dishwashers. Kitchen helpers are included in this work group.

Main functions

Prepares food for meal service;
Complies with preparation time standards;
Maintains consistency in the quality of the preparations as to taste, appearance and duration of cooking;
Identifies the various components of the Scores menu;
Prepares items on Scores menu;
Maintains consistency in the quality of the food;
Applies health regulations as to cleanliness;
Applies safety regulations;
Applies the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System;
Complies with equipment usage guidelines;
Complies with maintenance guidelines for the restaurant and equipment;
Ensures his or her work area is clean;
Organizes his or her work area efficiently;
Complies with the Scores Restaurants recipes;
Unpacks and stores provisions in the refrigerators, the storerooms and other storage areas;
Stores the products and preparations according to the conservation period;
Rotates inventory;
Executes all other tasks as requested by the supervisor;


This type of employment requires few qualifications or little experience, but a few years of high school can be required. A certain amount of manual dexterity and physical endurance are required as are the ability to work as part of a team and maintain the pace of production. Attention to detail and quick understanding are required.

Working conditions

The schedule varies according to the position, and may include day, night or weekend. Frequently works weekends, statutory holidays. May occasionally work nights. Possibility of overtime. The schedule may contain split shifts. Demanding works at mealtimes.

Restaurants with openings

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