Nature of the work

The dishwasher cleans the work area, washes the dishes and executes various tasks to assist the other employees responsible for serving and preparing food and beverages.

Main functions

Washes the dishes, glasses, utensils and the pots and pans with the help of dishwashers;
Stores the dishes;
Scrubs the pots and the pans;
Transports the clean dishes, utensils and other objects to work surfaces;
Unpacks and stores the provisions in the refrigerators, the storerooms and other storage areas;
Applies health regulations as to cleanliness;
Applies safety regulations;
Applies the Work Hazardous Materials Information System;
Complies with equipment usage guidelines;
Complies with the maintenance schedule for the restaurant and the equipment;
Ensures his or her work area is clean;
Organizes his or her work area efficiently;


A few years of high school may be required. This type of employment requires few qualifications. A certain amount of manual dexterity and stamina are required. The ability to work as part of a team and to follow the pace of production are required.

Working conditions

The schedule varies according to the position, and may include days, nights or weekends. Night work is occasionally required. Part-time work is available. The schedule can include split shifts. The work demands sustained effort.

Restaurants with openings

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