Best Practices

Training the next generation in the kitchen – in collaboration with Emploi Québec
One of the essential ingredients of the experience we offer to our customers each day comes from having quality staff in our kitchens and in our dining rooms. For every franchise, the recruitment, development and retention of competent and committed employees is a constant challenge.

The Scores banner has received accreditation as a partner of Emploi Québec's Workplace Apprenticeship Program (WAP) for the restaurant industry and is strategically positioned to lend a helping hand to workforce recruitment and training in our restaurants.

This program makes it possible for anyone over the age of 16 looking to work as a cook, to be accompanied by a recognized certified Scores restaurant expert cook to acquire on-the-job training and master the trade. Once the apprentice cook completes their training and skills assessment, they receive a certificate from the Ministère de l'Éducation, as well as financial compensation for the work they’ve performed.

As part of this program, Scores offers an ideal learning environment and complete cook training. We work with fresh food mostly processed and prepared directly in our restaurants’ kitchens, so our cooks must master several techniques of food cutting, preparation and cooking. Scores is proud to help train the next generation of cooks and attract the youth to this complex and stimulating profession.

Customized and attentive service
At Scores, we firmly believe that the reason for your visit must align with the service and customer experience our team offers you.

Whether you come to Scores at lunchtime or dinner for a family meal, a business dinner, a special event or to discover our new culinary delights, you’re looking for a different type of service and customer experience.

No matter the context, time or reason for your visit, we’ve developed a unique training program based on a customized customer approach adapted to your needs and expectations to offer you the best experience at Scores.