In order to offer a top-quality meal to customers every time, we make sure that we serve fresh, high-quality food at all times and prepare it on site in every restaurant.

Promoting local products
Whenever possible, we choose to use local products and buy directly from farmers or fishermen. We also count on excellent fruit and vegetable suppliers to provide us with the best products available in the vicinity of our restaurants.

Our partnerships with numerous local farms make it possible for us to showcase producers from different regions in our restaurants as well as promote diverse, high-quality seasonal produce, while supporting the local economy.

Fresh food and trends
Scores wants to satisfy its customers and exceed their expectations throughout the year. We’re always on the lookout for new trends so that we can update our menu regularly and feature seasonal foods and flavours to suit all tastes.

The Grand Saladier is the perfect embodiment of this approach in all Scores restaurants. We’ve completely redesigned our popular salad and fruit bar. The Grand Saladier now offers a wide variety of ingredients prepared on site daily, including fresh salads, chorizo, bacon, an assortment of cheeses, edamame beans, northern shrimps, pollock and new hot dishes like chili with beef, as well as a nacho bar. We review our range of products twice a year, and each season, we introduce two new salads.

We put high-quality, fresh food at the forefront of our commitment to our customers.

At Scores, you’re sure to enjoy our tasty and unique dishes!